Performance Reporter Version 6.0.12

by TROMIK Technology Corporation

Latest Revision 05/02/2001

Copyright 1994-2002


This is the installation file for TROMIK Technology Corporation's Performance Reporter Version 6. This installation file will install the latest version of Performance Reporter software.  This file should only be installed on those machines licensed to run this software. Please contact TROMIK for the details regarding the license for your location.





Performance Reporter is designed to run against the database produced by TROMIK Technology's COEstar Information System Editor to produce analysis data and reports to complete the USED annual Performance Report. This software can be used throughout the reporting year to analyze data being received. Reports can be produced for district, region or state level data.

This version of Performance Reporter also produces an Excel spreadsheet called Perfxxxx.xls (where xxxx equals the year for which you are running Performance Reporter) that contains 12 pages. The first is a Summary Statistics Page and keeps a tally of the Year Round and Summer/Intercession counts (formerly known, and shown as the A1 and A2 counts).   Pages 2, 3, and 4 are breakouts of the A1 and A2 counts by Region, LEA, and School. Pages 5 through 9 list information for use on tables on the Consolidated Report for the USED. Pages 10 and 11 list student counts by grade by school and by district. These breakouts contain all children eligible to be served, including those below three years of age.  Page 12 is a listing of how individual state service codes are mapped to the appropriate Federal code for Instructional and Service programs. 

A button has been added in version 6 of the Performance Reporter called OpenExcel that allows it to automatically open this spreadsheet. (See Program Operation below).

When you run it the second and subsequent times, it will tell you that you have an existing spreadsheet and ask if you want to delete it. If you say yes, it will be deleted. If you say no, it will save the old sheet and rename it to Perf2000nnnnnnn.xls where the nnnnnnn series is the date and time the old file was created. This lets you save old sheets for comparison in the future. If you run the Performance Report once a month, it can save each month's copy so you can compare progress.


To Download and Install



Click below to download this new version of the Performance Reporter.  The download is named PRSetup.exe and is a self-extracting, compressed file.  When asked where to save this file, you should choose Desktop, or any location on your machine where you normally save files from the internet. Complete the steps below as indicated.

1.  Uninstall previous version of Performance Reporter Step 1, if this is not a new installation, by selecting

     Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs. Highlight Performance Report Step 1 and click Remove.

Note that Performance Report Step 2 is now obsolete but you may not want to remove it at this time because it contains some drivers used by other programs.  It will be able to be removed on a later release of Performance Reporter.

2.  Be sure you are not running any other programs on your machine. Double Click on the file PRSetup.exe to start the install process of the Performance Reporter.  The install program will expand the compressed files into a folder called c:\temp\PRSetup\ and begin the installation routine.

3.  You may have to restart the computer during the install to upgrade several drivers.   If you have to restart the computer, after the restart, double click on PRSetup.exe (in the location you saved it to) to restart the installation.  If you get messages during the installation process that you have drivers or programs on your computer that are newer than those being installed, always keep the ones on your computer.  The message will advise you that your current drivers or files are newer and ask if you want to keep them.  Always keep the newer drivers.

4.  When the installation is finished, you should be able to go to Start/Programs/Coestar and select Performance Reporter to run this version.

This installer will place the executable file PRStep1.exe in the COEstar folder.  

If you are installing on a new or replacement machine, you will need to contact TROMIK for assistance in completing the setup and obtaining a registration key for the software.


Program Operation



To open the program, go to Start/Programs/COEstar/Performance Reporter, or follow the same procedures you use now.  Select the appropriate year and click the Start button. There are no additional settings to make or other changes that are visible except the new OpenExcel button.  Run the program as previous.  If you have been advised to send a Summary File to WestEd or TROMIK, follow that procedure when prompted.  Unless you have been advised to do so, do not run the Compare to Files Received from WestEd or TROMIK step.  This will be a very long process and should normally be skipped.

When the run is complete, the Microsoft Excel file will be built.  The file is named PERFxxxx.xls (where xxxx is the run year you chose).  You must have Microsoft Excel to open this file.  If you have Excel installed, click the OpenExcel button to see the current file.  If you do not have Excel, you can open the file with Lotus 1-2-3 or another spreadsheet program by opening the program and then using the File/Open menu to locate and open the file. 




Performance Reporter Step 2 is no longer used to obtain data analysis reports. Information is exported to the Excel spreadsheet, which can be accessed by clicking the OpenExcel button.


The program will replace the PERFxxxx.xls file if you rerun the Performance Reporter.  It will ask you if you want to keep the old copy.  If you keep it, it will be renamed to PERFxxxxNNNNNNNN.xls where NNNNNNNN is the date and time the file was originally created.

You can send copies of these files to Excel users to use directly.  Simply send them a copy.

The Excel spreadsheet is compatible with Excel version 5.0 and up.



Before you run Performance Reporter, be sure to review the Rules. This document can be downloaded from the website on the Performance Reporter page. Additional information about the data produced in Performance Reporter will be posted to the website in the future.




Print this instruction page then click below to get the new Performance Reporter.  

All Performance Reporter Customers can download the program HERE.